9339 5739 | Centropod@Changi 80 Changi Road #05-21 Singapore 419715 info@wafaproduction.com


A crash course session of fiqh guidance for ladies and kids on Sunday 14 Jan 2018 from 3pm to 6pm. Venue is at Pergas and the session will be conducted in English. Suitable for beginners, refreshers and to any lady who wishes to have better understanding in purification and solat.

For ladies, topics will be on types of impurities, cleansing from impurities, types of vaginal discharges, pillars of ablution, nullification of ablution, solat in theory and in practical.

For kids, there will be hands on activities, practical solat and ablution.

Sessions for kids and ladies will be held concurrently at the same venue but classes are separated.

Fee is at $35 for ladies and $25 for kids, inclusive of notes and light refreshment.

Register by texting or whatsapping your <name> and <email> and <child’s name> <child’s d.o.b> to 9339 5739.

Please include subject <ladieskids14jan> for both kids and ladies. <ladies14jan> for ladies only. <kids14jan> for kids only

Kindly share so that many can benefit.